Stop your phone system being used by hackers

The unfortunate reality of today’s business world is that phone systems can be hacked in a matter of minutes, the result? Hackers use your system as a cash machine and you foot the bill!

How does it happen? International criminal operations, AKA (hackers) use your system to make calls to premium rate numbers with the intention of making as much money as possible before being detected. Often, businesses do not realise their system has been hacked until their service provider alerts them of the suspicious activity, or until they receive their telephone bill! Empty offices increase the risk of being hacked which means most incidents occur after hours of over the holidays, not exactly what every business owner looks forward to after a well deserved break!

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to stop hackers from gaining access to your telephone system, however the first step in reducing your risk is to ensure your business has a reliable fraud detection software.

Sentels toll fraud detection software actively minimizes the risk of hackers gaining access to your system, by informing you of any possible threat, allowing you to stop it immediately. More information regarding Sentel and our bespoke software solutions can be found on the company website: Or take a 2 minute look at our video.