How can a customer experience strategy make a difference to your company?

Customer experience is becoming increasingly important within the Telecoms Industry, and according to Customer Experience Exchange Telecoms, the telecoms industry tops the list of bad experience, with 89% of consumers willing to switch providers as a result of poor experience.

Over time customers have become more demanding and technological advancements have raised their expectations. Customers today do not hesitate in switching services if a company is unable to provide a highly effective service experience.

Here are some tips for Telecom companies to improve their service experience for customers.

1)      Lose the Script-Following a script might seem easy however when your employees follow the script word for word it removes the emotion from a situation. Your employees will fail to relate to your customers if they sound like robots. Ensure your employees are fully trained in talking and listening to your customers. Your employees need to be able to improvise when and where required.

2)      Reach out to ALL your customers-It is cost effective for a company to retain an existing customer rather than acquire a new one. This is why it is essential for any company to stay connected with all their customers even the disgruntled ones. It demonstrates to the customer that your company is concerned and that their issue is important to you.

3)      Multi-channel Support-It is important for companies to have a strong online presence. Customers today want to be able to connect to your company anytime, anywhere, they want round the clock support, and they want to be ensured that no matter what medium they choose their issue will be resolved.