Unified Communications is the future

Did you know, Unified Communications saves 32 minutes per day on average in missed calls, and mobile workers gain 40 minutes per day in productivity. That’s 3.5 days annually. Unified Communications is the Holy Grail for many enterprises across the world.

Forbes Magazine recently stated, “Unified Communications integrates all communication methods, as well as documents and other data, into one interface.”

So what are the real benefits of Unified Communications? Single number. Through Unified Communications, employees can have the same number for all of their devices. Cheaper Calls. Unified Communications allows voice and video to be carried over a digital network, therefore calls are cheaper than they would usually if made via traditional telephony.

If you haven’t integrated it into your business you may be missing out on increased productivity, reduced costs and an improved professional presence.

Unified Communications is the future for most companies and Sentel is the market leader of Unified Communications in Northern Ireland and we offer a full suite of Unified Communication solutions. For more information and help designing a solution to meet your collaboration and productivity goals, contact Sentel and avail of our 30 day FREE trial.