Why you should justify a hosted call analytics solution

Finding the right technology for your business can be challenging. Fortunately there are many ways to reduce costs by using hosted call analytics. The three main categories in which savings can be made are:

  • Cutting your spend for telecommunications services
  • Spreading cost reductions to other areas of business due to indirect savings.
  • Reducing your labour expenses through a higher standard of efficiencies

Lets take a closer look.

Cutting Spend: 

Strategic sourcing can help you avoid incurring new costs and can effectively reduce your spending by 5 to 25 percent and help you to avoid incurring new costs.  In addition, automating the management of your telecom invoice system can help you make savings of 2 to 15 percent.

Indirect savings: 

Indirect savings tend to compliment eachother, for example streamlining procurement and improving collaboration can reduce costs by 5 percent which as a result allows staff to be more productive. Your individual savings will depend on whether you need to optimize the hosted call analytics you currently have or whether you are starting from scratch.

Reducing labour expenses:

It is impossible to quote precise numbers without more details on your business, however this category of savings is typically the one with the most impact. Through using a hosted call analytics, you can improve full time equivalent reallocations (FTE) and business product outsourcing (BPO),this can be done by automating those time consuming manual processes that can hinder your businesses performance. These include: Procurement, inventory management, help desk costs incurred when resolving a problem, invoice consolidation, usage charge back and reporting.

If your still not sure about hosted call analytics solutions, here are some questions that can help you decide.

  1. Are your current expense management tools reliable and consistent?
  2. Are your key stakeholders committed to pursuing every avenue for savings?
  3. How often are reconciliations and inventory clean ups performed?
  4. Are you able to access accurate reports when you need them? 

When your ready to dive into the finer details, you can contact us through the website for more information.